COP Project Report at Seketi-Jatidukuh Village of Mojokerto

Amadeus Arden Limanta(1*), Dede Setyawan(2), Inge Averina(3), Yonathan Palumian(4),

(1) Petra Christian University, Surabaya
(2) Petra Christian University, Surabaya
(3) Petra Christian University, Surabaya
(4) Petra Christian University, Surabaya
(*) Corresponding Author


Seketi has many children that are yet to be utilized to its fullest. In addition to that, many parents have yet to realize their potentials and treat them as they are a big burden. Thus, the primary objective of our Seketi’s group is child-friendly sub-village. There are two types of programs, physical and non-physical, to fulfill the objective.

           For the physical, there are 4 programs which were building trash bank, library renovation, building a public toilet, and mosque renovation. The problems occurred are unfinished trash bank that was built from the previous COP as well as bad trash bank’s management, no library as a place for children to gather and study together, bad public toilets’ condition, and widening the road to the mosque. The goal of this physical program is to provide the villagers with the infrastructure needed to solve the problems mentioned.

           For the non-physical, there are 11 programs which were mentioned later on. The objectives of the non-physical are to give awareness to the children about the importance of learning English, help the elementary students to understand a mathematic subject, bond with the villagers, as well as give insight to the parents on how to treat their children well.

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