Making Blentreng towards an environment friendly village: a COP project report

Maura Fajirin Pratiwi(1*), Aileen Janice Livia(2), Bryan Young Hartono(3), Thiang Thiang(4),

(1) Petra Christian University
(2) Petra Christian University
(3) Petra Christian University
(4) Petra Christian University
(*) Corresponding Author


Community Outreach Program is an international service learning program
designed to give mutual benefits for its participants and the village. Participants will have hands-on experience of living and interacting with villagers while implementing projects that will help improving the village. Blentreng SubVillage is aiming to be a tourism village. It has abundance of nature goods and many potential natural tourism spots. In addition, the people are very welcoming and warm to outsiders, which is another good point as a tourism village. But, the villagers have not maximized these
potentials, as they are still lacking in proper knowledge and awareness. Our projects focus on imp roving their mindset and knowledge. We have seen the beauty of the village and its villagers. But, this village will not achieve much with their current mindset. One big example is their habit of not disposing the trash properly. This habit is the proof that their mindsets have to be changed to improve Blentreng village quality as tourism village. Therefore, we make some projects including group discussion, tie dye and corn husk craft, waste socialization, trash bin painting and community service for the village. We hope that by implementing these projects, the village quality can be improved.

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